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Blender CD-ROM

Pioneering digital publication (1994-1996)

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Blender pioneered digital magazine publishing and has been included in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian and the Victoria & Albert Museums. It contained some of the very first interactive advertising, for clients including Nike, Calvin Klein, Toyota, and Apple.

Financial Backing: Felix Dennis
Publisher: Jenny von Feldt (1.1 - 2.6), Stephen Colvin (3.1 - 3.4)
Creative Director, Co-founder: Jason Pearson
Technical Director, Co-founder: David Cherry 
Editors: Regina Joseph (Co-founder, Issue 1.1), Howard Stringer (Issues 1.2 - 2.2), Dale Hrabi (Issues 2.3 - 3.4) 

Additional Design: Greg Knoll, Zoe Chan
Additional Lingo Programming: Damien Morton, Mark Hammer, Dalya Ehrman, John Lounsbery 
Music Editor: Dan Catalano (also Video Editor), June Joseph
Games Editor: Tom Samiljan, David Glitzer (also Legal) 
Political Editor: James Gordon Meek 
Sex Editor: Marjorie Ingalls 
Movie Editor: Paula Bernstein 
Cartoonist: Shawn Belschwender
Theme Song: Momus

Office Manager: Steven Kotok
Office Support: Gwen Walberg
Quicktime VR Photography: Steve Micros
Sound Engineer: Antonio Cruz, Dan Crane 
Interns: Craig Kanarick, Dana Spiegel 

Note: Partial staff list only
(apologies to those I missed - send me an email)


3RRR subscriber magazine (1991)

Editor, Founder, Typesetting, Output: David Cherry
Co-Editors: Julie Macbride, Robert Brailsford  
Design: Robert Brailsford, Heather Hoare 
Photography: Zoe Chan, Rae Foster


Independent pop-culture magazine (1990)

Editor, Co-founder: Howard Stringer
Design: Stephen Banham 
Typesetting, Output, Co-founder: David Cherry 
Photography: Peter Milne, Courtney Pedersen, Zoe Chan


3PBS subscriber magazine (1989)

Editor: Howard Stringer
Design: Paul Cooper, Stephen Banham 
Typesetting: David Cherry 
Photography: Peter Milne, Courtney Pedersen, Zoe Chan


Melbourne University's Student Newspaper (1988)

Co-Editors: Denise Cauchi, Lisa Hogan, David Cherry
Illustrators: Kelvin Hucker, Chris Dodds (Issue 3), Brendan Duffy (Issue 9), Robert Brailsford (Issue 13), Sam Stafford (Issues 12, 16) 
Contributors & Layout: Adrian Marshall, Floyd Kermode, Scott Campbell, David Graham, Colin Conkey, Christos Tsiolkas, Carin Eisen, Brendan O'Reilly, Brendan Ryan, Richard Marles, Paula Shelton, Gill Dite, Sean Doyle, Lorna Hendry, Trevor Morgan, Jo Higginson, Michael Kyberd, Stephanie Cauchi
The House cartoonist: David Cherry

Stop! Press Play.

Independent education magazine (1987)

Editor: Donna Robson
Design: Scott Campbell 
Typesetting: Adrian Marshall 
Chairperson/Cartoonist: David Cherry


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New York NY 10033 


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