Cherry Interactive

Cherry Interactive

An independent digital consultancy based in New York City.

Since 2001...

...we have combined consumer insights, compelling creative concepts, and bleeding-edge code to deliver award-winning multimedia for clients from a wide variety of industries.

We can code!




Responsive, search optimized, utility-focused brand presences, from strategy and targeting through to code delivery.




Native and HTML5 utilities and sales tools for iOS and Android devices.



Experiential Touchscreens

Immersive convention presences, including augmented and virtual realities, with digital and analog components.



360° Campaigns

Multi-channel media targeting high-value touchpoints with personalized tactics including search, programmatic banners, emails, social, and video.

Why Work With Us?

David Cherry

For over 20 years, we have built a reputation for award-winning design capabilities, data-driven interactive strategy, engaging user experiences, and the development of robust, cross-platform code.

Cherry Interactive is led by David Cherry, who brings in additional specialists as required by each project. This approach allows for great flexibility, a low cost structure, and brings specific expertise to each aspect of our projects.

Where possible we prefer to work with Open Source technologies and to W3C standards. Good technology is frictionless.


140 Cabrini Blvd #14
New York NY 10033 


Phone: +1(646)3254462