A weakness for periodicals...

Since 1986, David Cherry has been intimately involved in the production of the following pop-culture magazines:

Blender CD-ROM Magazine
New York, 1993 — 1997 (14 issues)
Story Layouts

Video Samples (require Quicktime®)
Blender Self Promo (6.5MB)
Blender Theme Song (0.5MB)
Editorial Collage (2.5MB)

Interview video samples:
Bjork's retirement (2.5MB)
Radiohead gets ripped off (5.0MB)
Christina Ricci says hi (0.5MB)
Star Wars vs. Star Trek: Toys (0.5MB)
John Stewart gets fired (4.5MB)
Where Blur met (6.0MB)
Ice T gets real (1.5MB)
KRS One & PM Dawn end a feud (7.5MB)
Devo: Mark Mothersbough's ads (4.5MB)
Eric Bogosian is a Bad Guy (3.5MB)
Beastie Boys go online (7.5MB)
Traci Lords backstage (2.0MB)
Art Spiegelman: A life in comics (2.5MB)
Metallica on your computer (2.5MB)
Kai (forget the Krause) (1.0MB)
Aimee Mann introduces herself (1.0MB)
Terry Gilliam gets religion (4.0MB)

Columns video samples:
Politics: Washington Dining (3.0MB)
Politics: Hunting Finkelstein (5.5MB)
Death: Diet Heroin commercial (1.0MB)

Music Reviews video samples:
Billy Bragg (1.0MB)
No Doubt (1.5MB)
Jacob Dylan (1.0MB)
De La Soul (1.5MB)
Prong (1.5MB)
The Verve Pipe (1.0MB)
The Cocteau Twins (0.5MB)
Mick Harvey (3.5MB)

Radar Magazine
Melbourne, 1991 — 1992 (4 issues)
Covers & Editorial

Westinghouse Magazine
Melbourne, 1990 — 1991 (3 issues)

Static Magazine
Melbourne, 1990 (3 issues)

Farrago Student Newspaper
Melbourne, 1988 (17 issues)

Stop! Press Play. Magazine
Melbourne, 1986 — 1988 (4 issues)

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Blender CD-ROM Magazine masthead

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Demo | Teenage Fanclub

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Issue 1.1 | Henry Rollins: Action Man

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Issue 1.2 | Veruca Salt: The Next Nirvana or B-Grade Breeders?

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Issue 1.3 | Seven Deadly Sins of the Internet

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Issue 1.4 | Home Living with the Beastie Boys

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Issue 1.5 | What's on Your Laptop? Courtney Love downloads the Apocalpse

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Issue 2.1 | Bjork: Aglow in the Snow

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Issue 2.2 | What Makes The Tick Kick?

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Issue 2.3 | Pamela Lee is Livin' Large!

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Issue 2.4 | Metallica: Testing Their Metal

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Issue 2.5 | Alterna-Dave: David Letterman

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Issue 2.6 | Jackie Chan (is trapped inside this box)

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Issue 3.1 | Showdown: Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Issue 3.3 | The Sex Issue: Liv Tyler

Blender CD-ROM Magazine | Issue 3.4 | The Pop Issue: U2

Blender CD-ROM Magazine logo

Financial Backing: [Felix Dennis]
Publisher: Jenny von Feldt (1.1 - 2.6), Stephen Colvin (3.1 - 3.4)
Creative Director, Co-founder: [Jason Pearson]
Technical Director, Co-founder: David Cherry
Editors: Regina Joseph (Co-founder, Issue 1.1), Howard Stringer (Issues 1.2 - 2.2), Dale Hrabi (Issues 2.3 - 3.4)
Additional Design: Greg Knoll, [Zoe Chan]
Additional Lingo Programming: [Damien Morton], Mark Hammer, Dalya Ehrman, John Lounsberry
Music Editor: Dan Catalano (also Video Editor), June Joseph
Games Editor: Tom Samiljan, David Glitzer (also Legal)
Political Editor: James Gordon Meek
Sex Editor: Marjorie Ingalls
Movie Editor: Paula Bernstein
Cartoonist: Shawn Belschwender
Office Manager: Steven Kotok
Office Support: Gwen Walberg
Quicktime VR Photography: [Steve Micros]
Theme Song: [Momus]
Sound Engineer: Antonio Cruz, Dan Crane
Interns: Craig Kanarick, Dana Spiegel

Note: Partial staff list only
(apologies to those I missed - send me an email)