A weakness for periodicals...

Since 1986, David Cherry has been intimately involved in the production of the following pop-culture magazines:

Blender CD-ROM Magazine
New York, 1993 — 1997 (14 issues)
Story Layouts

Video Samples (require Quicktime®)
Blender Self Promo (6.5MB)
Blender Theme Song (0.5MB)
Editorial Collage (2.5MB)

Interview video samples:
Bjork's retirement (2.5MB)
Radiohead gets ripped off (5.0MB)
Christina Ricci says hi (0.5MB)
Star Wars vs. Star Trek: Toys (0.5MB)
John Stewart gets fired (4.5MB)
Where Blur met (6.0MB)
Ice T gets real (1.5MB)
KRS One & PM Dawn end a feud (7.5MB)
Devo: Mark Mothersbough's ads (4.5MB)
Eric Bogosian is a Bad Guy (3.5MB)
Beastie Boys go online (7.5MB)
Traci Lords backstage (2.0MB)
Art Spiegelman: A life in comics (2.5MB)
Metallica on your computer (2.5MB)
Kai (forget the Krause) (1.0MB)
Aimee Mann introduces herself (1.0MB)
Terry Gilliam gets religion (4.0MB)

Columns video samples:
Politics: Washington Dining (3.0MB)
Politics: Hunting Finkelstein (5.5MB)
Death: Diet Heroin commercial (1.0MB)

Music Reviews video samples:
Billy Bragg (1.0MB)
No Doubt (1.5MB)
Jacob Dylan (1.0MB)
De La Soul (1.5MB)
Prong (1.5MB)
The Verve Pipe (1.0MB)
The Cocteau Twins (0.5MB)
Mick Harvey (3.5MB)

Radar Magazine
Melbourne, 1991 — 1992 (4 issues)
Covers & Editorial

Westinghouse Magazine
Melbourne, 1990 — 1991 (3 issues)

Static Magazine
Melbourne, 1990 (3 issues)

Farrago Student Newspaper
Melbourne, 1988 (17 issues)

Stop! Press Play. Magazine
Melbourne, 1986 — 1988 (4 issues)

Westinghouse | Magazine | Covers & Editorial

Westinghouse | Issue 1 | Shady Characters
Westinghouse | Issue 1 | Rococco Pops

Westinghouse | Issue 2 | Dave Graney's Last Stand
Westinghouse | Issue 2 | Neville Brody

Westinghouse | Issue 3 | Delusions
Westinghouse | Issue 3 | Marie Hoy

Editor, Co-founder: Howard Stringer
Design: Stephen Banham
Typesetting, Output, Co-founder: David Cherry
Photography: Peter Milne, Courtney Pedersen, Zoe Chan